Niel Sanctuary is a project created by World Action Fund. It’s long ago and todate Rhino Camp is an administraive local government unit in Arua district of Uganda which was a habitat for white rhinos, this is a game park reserve now under threat and  a place for human settlement, more effort is needed to restock the wild animals back.The long-term goal of the sanctuary is to build a sustainable rhinoceros population and relocate rhinos back with other specis to their original habitat in Uganda’s protected areas. We will also bring in other species of animals that were originally here. Different reports mentioned disappearance of while white rhinos in this area.

You will hardly see any Rhinos here though other species of animal exist and are critically endangered due to lack adquate protection from the surging population and funding to restock them, we couldnt restock these animals, we welcome wellwishers to join us to conserve the santuary for the wild other species and Rhinoceros to come back to their home land. No one knows where the white Rhinos disappeared.The area has no tourism potential as of now, nothing attracts any visitor except few over hunted species at Ajai game reserve.

Even the development partners keep the name of  Rhino Camp (Rhinos) for refugee settlement without conserving back the rhinos and supporting the tourism sector

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