Core Values of WAF

The dignity of man

Each person is unique, no matter where and how he lives. We know this and acknowledge the dignity of man to be an unimpeachable part of his nature. Based on this core value we give our best to support beneficiaries in emerging and developing countries with a hopeful vision for a dignified life. 

Responsibility and justice

In a world full of contradictions, exploitation and social injustice, efficient assistance becomes greatly necessary under politically charged circumstances. Our projects aim at various aspects, we lay the foundation for tolerance among people, for a world free of racism, discrimination and suppression. Thereby, we contribute our share to realize social justice.

Help for self-support

Most people living in severe emergency situations are not able to rid themselves from the hopeless circumstances in their own right. Our project work focuses on quickly improving these critical situations. At the same time, we continuously respect the independence of every individual. This is why, from the beginning of the project on, village communities and local partner organizations are involved in all decisions and strategic developments.

Disaster relief and sustainable development

Due to our experience we have recourse to high technical, social, ecological, and ethical standards within project realization. Simultaneously, we take great care that emergency and disaster relief efforts are integrated in long-term development programs. At the forefront of our considerations and planning are individual situations of village communities, which are to receive a sustainable improvement. 


In cooperation with other national and international organizations active in the area of operation and with local authorities and governments, we ensure the optimal realization of our projects. In recent years both good communication and close and amicable friendships have grown with various organizations.

Quality, transparency and progression

Our benchmarks are internationally approved guidelines for humanitarian aid and development cooperation. We are committed to transparency and accountability towards our partner organizations and donors. We are committed to permanent progression, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our work.

We promote the following:  Meeting together

  • Planning together
  • Visiting each other
  • Establishing guiding principles
  • Etc. Example of a team – the human body, team members include hands, legs, ears, eyes, heart and lungs, etc.
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