Food assistance

With support from Aramaic Relief International, World Action Fund was able support the refugee hosting communities and refugees in Yumbe and Arua district beans and maize flour, those most vulnerable groups.

Throughout 2017, Uganda continued to receive refugees from Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and South Sudan. Despite the high number of South Sudanese continuing to arrive in 2017, Uganda welcomed and generously hosted forcibly displaced people from the region and maintained its open door policy. Within the Refugee Coordination Model, the Government of Uganda and UNHCR coordinated the response of some 100 partners operating in the Uganda.

With support from World Action Fund in provision of food assistance to the host communities in Yumbe and Arua district 17.5 tonnes were distributed in 2017.


Distribution of food the host communities in Yinga near Imvepi refugee settlement


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