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Matching gifts are types of giving programs that is set up by companies and corporations as an employee benefit. After an employee donates to a nonprofit, they can submit a matching gift request to their employer and the company will make an additional donation to that nonprofit.

Donations give a long way to support and improve communities welfare by solving their problems to leave a sustainable lives, be part of the community, your support will transform many to feel societal belonging.


Though every matching gift program is unique to the company, every set of guidelines is sure to include the same elements:

World Action Fund has been approved to receive funding from any country.

Though every matching gift program is unique to the company, every set of guidelines is sure to include the same elements:

  • Match ratio: The match ratio refers to the amount of money a company will pay in relation to the original donation made by the employee. A 1:1 ratio means that a company will donate the exact same amount. The match ratio can be anywhere from .5:1 to 3:1, though it is most commonly 1:1 or 2:1.

  • Minimums and maximums: Matching gift programs will almost always specify a minimum and maximum amount for qualifying donations. If an employee donates less than the minimum, they are not eligible for a match. If they donate more, they are only eligible for as much as the specified maximum amount.

  • Employee status: Sometimes the match ratio, or even an employee’s eligibility, depends on the employee’s status. For example, a part-time employee might be eligible for a 1:1 match, while a CEO of the same company qualifies for a 2:1 match. Often retired employees are eligible for matching gifts as well, though sometimes at a reduced ratio.

  • Type of organization: Some companies will reduce their matching gift programs to organizations of a certain type e.g some companies will not donate to organizations with religious goals, though they are technically classified.

  • Deadlines: It is important to check your guidelines specifically for the deadline for requesting matching gifts. Some companies put their deadline at the end of the year, while some use Tax Day as their cutoff.


These are the key advises to every matching gift program. As you get used to more similar with matching gifts, you will see these terms and phrases over and over again. So you are firmly an expert