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What you need to know and learn

What is Coronavirus? 

This is a new virus that causes respiratory illness in people and animals and can spread from person-to-person through sneezing and cough droplets. This virus has signs and symptoms similar to the common cold but is dangerous and if not reported early and managed by Health Workers it can cause severe illnesses in human beings and it can kill.

How does Coronavirus spread?

Initially, the virus was believed to be spread to human beings through contact from infected animals. Currently, transmission is human-to-human, it occurs when an infected person’s sneeze or cough droplets come into contact with others.

Who is at risk?

Everyone is at risk. However, severe symptoms and death appear more frequently among older people. People with other health conditions such as lung or heart diseases, renal failure or weak immune systems are  at a higher risk of infection.  


Currently, there is a huge outbreak in China which is spreading fast world-wide. Travelers to and from China are potentially the most-at-risk. The Corona Virus mainly affects the young, older people and persons with low immunity. 

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

The full clinical presentation of the disease is still under investigation. However, most patients who have been seen so far present with: 
•    Fever
•    Cough 
•    Sore throat
•    Shortness of breath

If not reported and managed early, it can lead to death.

Wash your hands frequently after touching any material or object
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