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    Build better Health and Safety on Ugandan Construction Sites


    Accidents on construction sites result in many deaths and major injuries each year. Improvements in construction health and safety have been successfully implemented in many countries, with significant reductions in accidents – so why not Uganda?

    World Action Fund an national NGO in Uganda theat plans to work with industries, Government and Educators to promote improvements to the standards of health and safety of workers on construction sites. This is the first NGO to take on this challenge. The proposed method of achieving this is through education, engagement and via a mobile phone app.


    There are a vast number of construction sites in Uganda, with a varied range of care, attention and resources given to health and safety. This project aims to drive improvements in health and safety through education and engagement with the construction industry.


    This programme aims to:

    • research the standards currently in place
    • work with leading construction companies, government and educators to target the key risks
    • provide some inspections and face to face training
    • underpin this with an accessible and free to use mobile phone app
    • advocate for change through the tendering process and selection of contractors
    • promote achievable key performance indicators in health and safety

    Long Term Impact

    We are on the starting blocks, but this project has the capacity to help change the face of construction in Uganda. The huge potential for improvement is challenging but well worth the investment.

    World Action Fund

    Was founded in 2014, operating in West Nile region and Kampala.


    Our main goal is  to engage in long term development work, build resilience, respond to emergency conditions, and pursue to address the root causes of poverty through development networks, education and advocacy work.

    For 4 years, World Action Fund has worked with the most vulnerable people in the regions to help reduce suffering and combat hunger and poverty. Our mission remains true to the organisation’s roots and the vision of its founders.

    Our conservation mission with support from U.S Embassy, Uganda has made us a strong partner to combat climate change

    Awarding grant by U.S Embassy to WAF


    Support to PWDs in West Nile region


    Provide support to all the needy in Uganda and beyond


    To engage in long term development works, build resilience, respond to emergency conditions, and pursue to address the root causes of poverty through development networks, education and advocacy work

    Our founders

    World Action Fund was founded by Peter Odama the main vision bearer  and with 6 member Board of directors, in response to the resolve major sufferings within the communities in Uganda and beyond.

    Becoming World Action Fund

    Over time, it was not just aid that was delivered, but WAF volunteers—responding quickly with pragmatic and effective solutions—whose work became the impetus for taking the organisation in a new direction. In 2017, huge influx of refugees in Uganda, that triggered support from our partners and volunteers

    Looking forward

    Hunger and poverty continue to devastate lives in Uganda and we continue to respond. Sadly, WAF’s work is needed now more than ever. We focus on the following areas: Emergency, Health, Education, Environment and Livelihoods. Our work is funded by members of the public, the government and institutional and private donors.

    Helping the PWDs with UK Walkabout Foundation partners
    Trainees on energy savings stoves in Imvepi Refugee Settlement, funded by U.S Embassy, Uganda



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