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Seedlings to the field - Seedlings to the field

World Population Ticking

Uganda Population Projections

In 2019 44,855,054 and after 2020, the rate of growth is finally set to start slowing down and is predicted to drop an entire percentage point by the year 2050. The population of forecast to be 47,187,703 in 2020, and 63,842,360 in 2030.

The current rate of growth is 3.26% annually giving rise to an increase of nearly 1.5 million each year.


Disaster and emergency in Uganda

Many displaced and killed, support the emergency

Environmental Conservation and Climate Change adaptation

World Action Fund Planted 24,000 wood and fruit grafted trees in Imvepi refugee Settlement in 2017/2018, Conservation Project Supported by U.S Embassy, Uganda

Disability Inclusion

World Action Fund with support from Walkabout Foundation has been freely distributing since 2017 to-date 1021 mobility appliances worth US$ 159,652

Conflict, Disaster & Risk Management-CDRM

World Action Fund is training 30 primary schools in Arua district of West Nile region on conflict, disaster and conflict management. Students or pupils with their teachers are trained to adapt to conflicts, disasters, risks eg. over 1.5million refugees are leaving in Uganda due to conflicts from neighboring countries to Uganda. Other possible disasters and risks trained on are, floods, drought, road accidents/crossing and fire etc. over 2000 students ( children) already trained and project still on going. There are book manuals/guides prepared by OPM in partnership with Department of Education Services, and UNICEF.

There is high demand for the booklets in every school visited but few are available for pilot project. The CDRM booklets not only alert the pupils but also improve their learning and skills in daily lives

  • Conflict, Disaster & Risk Management guide

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