Livelihood Support

Uganda recognizes that a productive, competent, and flexible workforce is a prerequisite for furthering its economic development. The demand for skilled workers and technicians is high and will become ever more intense as the private industrial sector becomes the dominant provider of employment. The mismatch between the qualifications of job seekers (trainees) and the skill requirements of employers (labour market) is due to vocational and technical education teaching outdated skills, with outdated curriculum, machinery and equipment and the lack of consultation with and the involvement of the private sector.

Through vocational Training, youths in Ediofe in Arua and refugee in Kampala were able to learn and create their own jobs will learn more in various skills eg. Art and crafts, Carpentry,

entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy. We train and empower youth for self-employment

Burundian Refugees Training in Nsamya Kampala

Enterprise Development and Market linkages

Financial literacy has been recognized as a critical factor in improving the quality of life and enhancing financial inclusion in Uganda. One of the most important roles of WAF in SACCOs and VSLs in Arua district is to ensure women and men make informed financial and economic decisions that ultimately drive economic growth. WAF has trained and mentored women in business bankable and build their capacity in entrepreneurship and mobilized women and men to join savings groups in this regard, Bank of Uganda has spearheaded the development and implementation of a Strategy for Financial Literacy in Uganda. The rationale behind the Strategy has been to:

  • provide focus, drive and momentum
  • encourage the development of high quality resources
  • encourage the use of simple, clear and compelling messages
  • reduce the risk of duplication and unintended gaps
  • enable partners to learn from each other
  • encourage the active participation of a wider range of stakeholders

Women are still left behind, we take this chance to bring women and everyone in bankable business through training on financial literacy (marketing, savings, enterprise, change of mind set)