Environment and Agriculture

More appropriate solutions to key problems

It is a major challenge to establishing enough suitable trees and other soil-improving and -conserving plants in financially and socially sustainable ways. So is ensuring nitrogen fixing plants actually fix nitrogen, tree seeds can germinate, soil and water are effectively conserved, competition with food crops minimized, and early benefits and long-term benefit are maximized. Read More

Emergencies and Refugees

Due to increased refugee population from South Sudan in West Nile region, the local communities are sharing facilities with the refugees, this include health services, water and schools, this has put pressure and demand on resource sharing. Read More


About eighty percent of Uganda’s population is below the age of 30 and about half are below the age of 24 making Uganda one of the countries with the youngest population in the world. By age 19 over 70% of adolescent girls are sexually active; almost half of the women become pregnant  Read More


WAF in collaboration with Teach A Man To Fish is running school enterprise challenge project in Arua district in 30 schools, where WAF is a partner in West Nile region. Teachers are trained on business skills and entrepreneurship. Read More

Promoting Good Hygiene Measures

Menstruation is still a taboo in Uganda and its common for people across society to feel uncomfortable about the subject. There is lack of information of the process of menstruation and proper requirements for managing it. The taboos surrounding this issue in the society prevents girls and women from articulating their needs and the problems associated with poor menstrual hygiene management have largely been ignored or misunderstood. Read More