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Fighting poverty, disease, eniviornmental protection, right to education and injustices are one organisation’s task, it is a collectively effort that blights the lives of more than 800 million people worldwide is the work of many. To pursue this goal, World Action Fund (WAF) works collaboratively with partners, including governments, private sector, UN agencies, international finance groups, academia, NGOs and other civil society groups.

The more than 10 organisation we collaborate with in Uganda and Internationally constitute our biggest group of partners be a unique partner.

WAF has always relied on partnerships to drive our activities and, 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are committed to working with a wide range of partners in new ways, including leveraging multi-stakeholder partnerships, to better meet people’s needs and leave no one behind.  This new way of working together is reflected in SDG 17 on partnership, which serves as a pillar of WAF’s strategic plan, along with SDG 2

Partnerships should contribute to shared objectives, and deliver increased efficiency and effectiveness. This approach is articulated in the WAF’s Corporate Partnership Strategy (CPS). WAF’s approach to partnering is rooted in strong principles and a consistent understanding of the value of partnership, and is responsive to the different strengths, weaknesses and needs of different partners.

We wellcome you to join us in various capacities by contacting us on  Tel: +256 393 516 243

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