Conserve environment

World Action Fund is currently campaigning to restore environment in Imvepi refugee settlement in Arua district with support from U.S Embassy, Uganda

Uganda is at Risk of loosing all forest covers

More urgent interventions are needed to resolve envioronmental depletion by both host and refugee communities as our one year’s project is ending by Septemeber 2018. See Imvepi Map, we can work again with any partner. Wood fuels as a major source of kitchen fuel, our briquette and energy saving stoves needed more time…,join us to continue if you care for the environment you leave in.

  1. Reducing Carbon Emissions Through Environmental Conservation and Awareness

World Action Fund received US$25,000 grant award from United States Embassy Uganda, Julia Taft Foundation in September 2017, these madeĀ  WAF to implement many sub project components; livelihood by trainingsĀ  50 South Sudanese refugees alongside the host communities and conservation projects e.g energy saving stoves, briquette making, planted 20,000 wood trees to replace the trees cut and distributed 4,000 fruit seedlings to the households. Trained 80 women and girls in host communities to produce reusable sanitary pad, as many girls drop out of schools due to menstrual disturbances and get married.

Plant trees
















Preparing briquette





























Briquette preparation

WAF agronomist addressing host communities in Imvepi in planting fruit trees and wood trees

Agro forester
Community awareness on environmental conservation

We have trained 40 refugees and host communities in energy saving stoves and briquettes

Trainees in Imvepi

Trainees pose photo with Executive Director in green shirt

Briquette trainees

Stove trainees




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