Capacity Building & Livelihood

Imvepi Refugee Settlement
Reducing Carbon Emissions Through Environmental Conservation and Awareness

World Action Fund received US$25,000 grant award from United States Embassy Uganda, Julia

Distribution of 4000 fruit tree and wood logs seedlings in refugees  & hosting communities

Taft Foundation in September 2017, these made  WAF to implement many sub project components; livelihood by trainings  50 South Sudanese refugees alongside the host communities and conservation projects e.g energy saving stoves, briquette making, planted 20,000 wood trees to replace the trees cut and distributed 4,000 fruit seedlings to the households. Trained 80 women and girls in host communities to produce reusable sanitary pad, as many girls drop out of schools due to menstrual disturbances and get married. 30 farmer groups were trained in the host communities and in Imvepi refugee settlement



Sample stove made by trainees




We planted 20,000 wood logs to replace the cut trees within the communities




Energy saving stove trainees
Energy saving stove trainees
Nursary seedling bed
Trainees have learnt and expressing their happiness
saw dust
Briquette preparation
Briquettes prepared by trainee refugees



Trainees in Imvepi Refugee settlement preparing efficient energy saving stoves  nd briquettes to reduce high consumption of wood fuel, and with the use of briquettes, this will reduce pressure on natural trees being cut for cooking food, hence earning carbon credits.


Individual trainees expressing their satisfaction and explaining what they learnt





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